Energy produced

Solar Energy


The steel structures are designed to support photovoltaic energy production systems.

The project has been developed in compliance with the technical and structural calculations set forth by the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 14/01/2008, which ensures their suitability for use throughout Europe.

The project is specifically characterized by the fact that no cement is required for installation, thus preventing the pollution of the terrain and eliminating recovery costs: the main pole is driven directly into the ground using a mechanical device called a hydraulic pile driver. The design provides for a sturdy one or two-pole structure, that has a low environmental impact and can be quickly installed, upon which are crossbars with longitudinal purlins are mounted to support the photovoltaic panels.

Its modularity allows for the basic structure to be completed with various additional elements in order to create lengthy production lines, even dozens of meters long.

The structures, made from carbon steel, are hot dip galvanized to protect against environmental corrosion, a certified system which been used for decades in other external applications.

A.T.L.A.™ Solar Energy structures are suitable for both standard photovoltaic panels as well as for photovoltaic solar tracking systems.