Identification and product packaging


Using correct and standardized identification methods, A.T.L.A.™ organizes its internal production activities is such a way so as to maintain the traceability of the steel works’ references during all of the different processing phases. The transformation process is monitored during all of the various phases, including the storage of the raw materials, as well as cutting, bending, welding and packaging operations: thus, the identification codes for the processed parts always corresponds to that of the steelworks that produced the raw material, which is made up of a lot, a casting and a rolling plate. This internal procedure ensures that the material, after being processed and delivered to the final customer, effectively corresponds to that which is indicated in the quality certificate issued by the raw steel manufacturer, which is delivered along with the final product.

During the various phases, the elements are identified using production labels, according to standards defined in the company's quality manual, and in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Finally, the product is securely packaged for transport and, where indicated within the order specifications and approved by our sales department, is also protected from the atmospheric elements and identified using the official language of the country of destination.