Our history



A.T.L.A.™ was established in 1985 with the mission of creating a sheet metal processing centre with high quality service.

At the beginning, the sheet metal processing operations were limited to cold shearing, using 2000 mm and 4000 mm long machines, and torch cutting, using optical systems for reading the 1:1 scale drawing formats.

The 1990s

Since 1992, the company has begun to evolve, expanding its processing facilities to include 5,000 square meters of covered space, including an innovative CNC plasma cutting system of small dimensions, for formats of 1500 x 3000 mm and for thicknesses of up to 10 mm., as well as a 635 ton bending system of 6000 mm in length.

Over the following years, the demand for plasma processing increased dramatically and A.T.L.A.™ responded by installing a second CNC plasma cutting system of larger dimensions (3000 x 12000 mm), which was equipped with two torches in order to optimize production by allowing for the simultaneous processing of two sheets of metal. At the same time, the cold shearing department was expanded with a large automatic cutting centre for lengths of up to 6000 mm.

In 1998, the oxyfuel cutting division was updated with a large CNC Gantry system, offering the possibility of simultaneously processing two sheets of metal in sizes of up to 2500 x 12000 mm. The company’s plasma cutting production capacity also increased further with the acquisition of a an additional large system.

Entering the 21st Century

In 2006, innovative investment plans were implemented to completely revolutionize all of the business activities, in order to ensure that the medium to heavy range sheet metal processing centre would remain technologically competitive and would be capable of satisfying the demands of its customers throughout Italy, France and the rest of Europe.

Based on this new expansion and organization, in just three years time the company succeeded in installing a number of new highly advanced systems built by Europe’s leading manufacturers. Thus, A.T.L.A.™ also began offering innovative laser cutting technology, which was capable of processing large sheet metal formats of up to 30 mm in thickness.

Today, with 30 years experience & expertise

Since 2010, all our sheet metal processing centres and technologies have been fully modernized and automated to allow us to compete with utmost professionalism and quality throughout the entire European market.

A.T.L.A.™ has provided sheet metal processing services since 1985. Our high-tech machinery, constant production process innovation and ample facilities allow us to maintain the highest quality standards.

Thirty years of experience give us a solid foundation for our design and management dynamism, which is ever more proactive and creative in delivering pre-processed products at an international level.

In 2016, A.T.L.A.™ began a period of development towards new activities in order to offer customers an increasingly finished product, introducing new processing operations, ranging from sandblasting to welding and precision machining.